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팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.

Nature Near, NENIA

We diligently curate and produce eco-friendly food products,
with ingredients nurtured in our own fertile soils, like our wheat.

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About US

NENIA is more than a brand a commitment to share and promote enhanced societal values.

How can you contribute to a 'sustainable and healthy life'?
And how do you do it for that?

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We're dedicated to providing pure, natural, and safe food
to ensure our children grow up healthy and vibrant.

  • Business

    NENIA, a name crafted from the fusion of “Nature” and “Near.”

    Nenia has been developing an organic relationship with producers in our land and strives to make the world a better place with its ability to develop safe and delicious food, and to share better social values.

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  • Products

    Here are our signature

  • Wheat Dumplings

    Our dumpling skins, crafted with pesticide-free Korean wheat, wrap around antibiotic-free pork and beef, all locally sourced and mingling with our home-grown vegetables. We ensure that every ingredient, down to the very last drop of sesame oil, is carefully selected and domestic.

  • Korean Wheat Bakery / Jam

    Our bakery products are infused with natural butter from pesticide-free Korean wheat and local milk. We use an array of domestic ingredients to create a variety of flavorful delights.

  • Drinks / Ice Cream

    Our juices boast only domestic fruits, our antibiotic-free milk and yogurt blend with local fruits, and our ice cream is organic, crafted with pure organic milk. We pride ourselves on our honest, natural ingredients.

  • Meat

    We prepare concentrates from 100% antibiotic-free beef bones, pork, and duck, each flavored with natural spices. We've captured the essence of our ingredients, even if it requires a longer and more meticulous process.

  • Wheat Flour / Wheat Noodles

    Crafted with pesticide-free wheat and rice grown in the pristine areas of Jeolla and Gyeongsang-do, South Korea. Our organic, pesticide-free Korean wheat is stored in a low-temperature environment without fumigation, then used as raw material for our products.

  • Tteok (Korean Rice Cake)

    We utilize pesticide-free glutinous rice, naturally colored and flavored with pumpkin, zinnia, and mugwort. Our rice cakes are produced using modern refrigeration technology and frozen rice cake restoration methods.

  • Side Dishes

    We produce organic seaweed and fish cakes from local organic raw materials and 100% domestic fish fillets from our waters. It is tofu and muk (jelly) are traditionally made with soybeans, acorns, and mung beans grown in our soil.

  • Sauce / Traditional Sauce

    Our sauces feature domestic ingredients like tomatoes, fresh cream, and chili powder, slow-cooked in a traditional way. The result is a deeply flavorful concoction, crafted with care and time.