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Organic Korean Wheat Natural Fermented Species

Grown in harmony with nature, NENIA's organic wheat thrives on our very own land. Meticulously hand-milled, Korean wheat is free from harmful fumigation or preservatives. The flour, formed through a combination of our organic wheat and pure water, is naturally fermented to form a sourdough that slowly rises for over 18 hours. Our unwavering dedication to research and innovation leads to bread bursting with rich, distinctive flavors. NENIA is at the forefront of preserving Korean wheat and elevating self-sufficiency. (Current self-sufficiency of Korean wheat stands at less than 1%)

NENIA Bread Parbake

Parbake is a semi-baked (roughly 80%) bread that's flash-frozen.
Ready to be finished off in your home oven or air fryer,
it gives you the joy of baking your bread fresh at home.

After all, nothing tastes better than home-baked bread!

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